Tips to Feel Good Instantly

Every one of us feels depressed every now and then.  Difficulties get us down and life starts to seem like a huge burden.  Difficulties and problems can be of varied types but there is nothing that doesn’t have a solution in this world.  No matter how tough the times are, we all should be striving to get past them and get back to living the rest of our lives feeling good about ourselves and being happy.

So, if you are looking for ways to instantly feel good, here are some of the tips that I have used to instantly feel good and move past my problems:

1. Drink Some Water

When we are upset, we forget about our health and get so absorbed in our current problem that we often skip out on the smallest things that we should be doing for ourselves, regardless of the times we are going through.  Get up and drink some water.  Dehydration can make us feel sluggish and tired.  Drinking water is like watering the wilting plant.  It gives instant energy to us and we can think about our problem with a fresh perspective.

2. Feel the Gratitude

Instead of comparing your situation to others’, or mourning the loss or lack of what could have been, concentrate on what you do have like your health, food, water and shelter.  Many people around the world do not have all the things you might have taken for granted.   Writing down all the things that you do have and are thankful for will instantly ease your mind and make you feel good.

3.  Live in the Now

Constantly thinking about the bad past, moments that are gone and are never going to come back, time that cannot be brought back, will only generate feelings of failure and resentment.  There is nothing you can or anyone else can do about your past mistakes or things that haven’t gone the way you would have liked them to.  People who have harmed you or hurt your feelings, did it in the past but constantly thinking about them is only going to make you sadder.  Instead, think of the NOW moment, what is it that you can do to make yourself happier NOW?

4. Stay Connected

Staying connected with like minded friends and family will keep you happy.  Living in isolation can get boring and sometimes depressing as you get disconnected from the outside world. Call up or email your friend(s) or even family to catch up with what’s going on in their life.  If you don’t feel like calling up a friend, or feel awkward calling someone after being away from them for long time, go to the local library, local coffee shop or a park and just spend time in a place where there are other people and not just you and see yourself as part of a larger community.  Doing something positive for the community can bring you joy and happiness instantly.

5. Go for a walk

We all know exercise can change our moods for the better. Going for a walk in fresh air can lift up your mood and make you feel good instantly. You might even run into another walker and strike up a pleasant conversation, who knows?

6. Smile

There are many good reasons to smile.  One of them is that you are alive which means you can still do the
things that you always wanted to do but couldn’t for one reason or another. There are plenty of reasons to smile every day, only if you start counting.

photo: arwen-abendstern